To match or not to match, here is the answer...

Matching shoes and purse is a no-no these days.

Causing a lot of controversy, matching shoes and purse has been converted into each woman's dilemma. In reality, matching shoes and purse is starting to become too old fashion these days. Many magazines and fashionable shows are talking about this point and saying that it's wrong to match things in the same color, as the outfit will lose its beauty. So, lets imagine someone is wearing some black pumps. We will find that our eyes will be attracted to a colourful (in cream or red, for example) bag, so the beauty of the bag will be shown more. Isn't that right?! In resume, don't match your bag and shoes... coordinate. There's a difference. You don't want too much patterns or colours or designs. You want things that compliment each other, for example, if you want to throw in a floral print purse, stick to the solids for the rest of your accessories and shoes but, try to stay away from other patterns, or mixing patterns. Don't get too much texture and variety mix fabrics! That is a very bold statement without looking matchy or planned.

Don't match. Coordinate colours!

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