Nautical notions have been a fashion touchstone almost since models started striding down catwalks

But while sailor pants and pea coats ebb and flow into style, the blue and white stripes of a naval shirt (or dress) always feels as fresh as an ocean breeze.

From Coco Chanel through Picasso to Jean Paul Gaultier, the "Breton" striped shirt is a unisex fashion superstar. Any fashionista worth her salt will have at least one tucked away in her closet.

Take the time to hunt out a true blue Breton version- it's the ones where the stripes don't start right from the top- to get the full Gallic chic effect. The look works best on a gamine frame and no matter how expensive a designer sailor's top might be, it still remains a style that works best when paired with simple jeans.

Credits to: Vogue.it

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